Taxibeat Feature

A wide drivers network is just a tap away, on-demand, 24/7.

Taxibeat creates a new transportation experience in the city by connecting thousands of passengers with available professional drivers nearby. The company was born with the advent of the  smartphone; a powerful tool that allows one to access anything, anywhere with the tap of one’s fingers. . Everyday life has changed rapidly and is linked with our always-on, always connected devices. A new economy, the on-demand economy is formed by our always-on devices. We can have anything we need, whenever we need it.

At Taxibeat we started as a mobile application company that helps passengers quickly find the best taxi for their transportation and lets drivers connect to passengers through a fair reward system. But our ambitions won’t stop there. We are learning to use data to move people around faster and with higher quality. With the power of data in our hands, we want to spread our services to whatever is being moved around the city; to become the grid of the city, by moving people, items, and products in the most functional way. What we want is to create a smarter, faster, and more effective transportation platform for all. Keeping that in mind we invest in two main areas: technology and customer support.

The first one helps us build the best solutions to satisfy on-demand world’s needs. Customer support solves problems that technology cannot solve. In both of them, we want to be world class and our users to know that we are the most reliable solution for a fast, safe, high quality transportation. Still, we take it easy. We want to have fun and be engaging. We enjoy life and adventures. We love arts. We live for designs on the edge of functionality and with high aesthetics. We like trying new ideas with no fear of failure. If any of this seems to flare up your imagination, excites you, or arouses your curiosity, then you may want to work with us.

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