Taxibeat Feature

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Taxibeat gives you choices you could never have imagined before.

Technology gives us freedom. We are more productive, independent, and can movearound the city easier while still having more options.

Do you want to move around the city? Your driver is in your smartphone. You no longer need your car or need to worry about parking spots. Your Taxibeat driver will wait for you right outside your door. Sit back and connect on the wifi. Instead of spending time on driving, continue to work on your tablet or PC while you await your Taxibeat driver. Even better, enjoy the view of the city.

Simply do the same on your way back. Whenever you need them, our drivers are nearby, just a few meters away from you. Increasing the quality of your life is our priority from your very first ride with us.

Move around the city in the most modern and convenient way and make your transportation an opportunity to relax or be productive. The choice is entirely yours.