Hola México!

Taxibeat on 15 July, 2013

Today, we are launching our largest market to date.


We are immensely happy & proud; as of today, Taxibeat Mexico is officially on. To give some context to those not in-the-know: Mexico City is a vast metropolis of +20M people and +100K taxis.

We opened our Mexico City office 2.5 months ago. Today, we launch our service with more than +400 drivers, ready to bring the taxi revolution in N. America. With every launch we become better: more efficient, more effective, having learned from our successes and our mistakes in other markets.

Our launch in Mexico comes exactly one year after our first international expansion, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on July 16th 2012. A year after our launch, we are the #1 taxi hailing app in Rio (in terms or volume of rides & revenues), in spite of fierce competition: Brazil is the market with the most contenders in the mobile taxi service sector. We are quite confident we can manage the same kind of success in this new endeavour. Our Mexico team is GREAT and the work they’ve managed so far indicates that Taxibeat is about to take over the City and become the locals’ favorite habit.

And the beat goes on – best of luck to Taxibeat Mexico!

PS: Taxibeat roaming works as a charm; if you happen to travel to Mexico City, you can use the app seamlessly, as if you were at any other Taxibeat city.