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Now you can choose your taxi driver.

You are able to choose your driver according to the ratings from previous passengers, the car model, the extra services offered (e.g. free wifi) or alternatively you can just hail the nearest car when in a hurry. Sit back and enjoy your ride and then rate your experience.

Free of charge. You are only paying your ride fare.

Taxibeat Feature

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    Where are you?

    Taxibeat instantly locates you on the map. You can also move the map to the exact address of your pick up. You can also press the search button to select your pickup address through Places, your Recent addresses, or your Favorite addresses. The app offers various tools to help you set your pickup address immediately.

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    Choose your driver

    There is always a Taxibeat driver near you. Before you hail, you can text your driver and also select your payment method, all in a few taps on your screen. Select your driver from the nearby drivers’ list. You choose who you want to hail based on distance, ratings, car model, or extra services offered.

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    Enjoy and rate your experience

    When your driver arrives, you will get notified to get on board. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride. Once the ride is completed, rate your experience and help our Taxibeat community to pick the best drivers, but also help our drivers to improve. Your feedback is super important to us!