There’s something about Taxibeat.

Taxibeat on 2 November, 2012

A couple of days ago, our team in Brazil sent us a video they created in view of Taxibeat Brasil‘s launch in its second Brazilian city, Sao Paulo. The video looked good; happy drivers, happy passengers, featuring the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro.

It was not until we watched the subtitled version of the video that we could grasp just how big this video was for us. We were REALLY moved, teary-eyed-kind-of-moved.

We knew that these were unscripted testimonials from Brazilian taxistas and passengers; so I guess we were thrilled by the striking similarity of what these guys were saying on the video, with the glorious feedback we ‘ve been getting from drivers and passengers in Athens for the past 18 months. It was an epiphany: there is something about Taxibeat, something that makes people happy in the very same way, no matter which side of the pond they live in.

Why is Taxibeat different?

Hailing a taxi on the street is akin to waving down a stranger. Traditional taxi co-ops and most other taxi-hailing apps will get you a taxi (at a premium) but they will not let you choose your driver. In both cases, there is no incentive for the driver to provide a GREAT service, as they are unlikely to see the same passenger again; when there is little or no prospect of repeat custom for the service provider, mediocre or bad service is the norm and there is no room for the kind of strategy that builds loyalty in other industries.

Enter Taxibeat.

Taxibeat drivers know the only way to a 5* rating is always walking the extra mile for their customers; being courteous, waiting for them to safely enter their homes, offering on-board amenities like WiFi, TV, magazines. This feedback enables drivers to further improve the quality of their service: a 5* rating increases their chance of getting picked again from other Taxibeat passengers; so there’s your virtuous circle.

Watching the video from Brazil reminded us that we ‘ve built something that is meant to improve people’s lives. Think about it; getting to work with a driver that makes your day.