Bonjour Paris!

Taxibeat on 4 December, 2012

Taxibeat Paris

We are kicking off our 6th city; and what a city! The City of Lights. After 3 months of all-nighters, a fleet of 250+ taxi drivers is ready to drive you around Paris, Taxibeat style.

There are no words to describe how excited we are; Paris is the first Taxibeat launch we ‘ve monitored so closely, and it has been a great (and very educational) experience for all of us. The feedback we ‘ve been getting from Parisian drivers and passengers indicates that coming to Paris was one of our best ideas. Some people said “Taxibeat was made for Paris”; we are looking forward to proving them right.

Parisian drivers are actively supporting us; even though we haven’t officially launched, they remain “Available” – we can’t possibly explain the joy of seeing 32-35 drivers online before even launching. These are numbers we wouldn’t dream of in previous launches. We are positive we will eventually conquer Paris. In a city where it’s next to impossible to hail a taxi, we expect Taxibeat France will get really popular, really quick.

Our official premiere is today, in the context of LeWeb. Come by our booth and say hi if you ‘re around. Do you have any friends that live in Paris? We are giving away free rides to test our service; email as at and get an invite for a taxi ride on the house.

And the beat goes on.

Update – Our Paris launch got us some pretty sweet coverage from TechCrunch and the Wall Street Journal.