Call Taxibeat from your Windows Phone

Κωνσταντίνος on 13 July, 2015

The Windows Phone users have been waited the app launch for quite some time. And we might have come “late to the party”, but we promise to be the best dancers 🙂

As from today, you can find Taxibeat at the Windows Phone Store.  The app is now available for all the smartphones so you can hail the best taxi drivers of the city, with a tap of a button –  no matter what device you use.


In this first version of the Windows Phone app, the main features of Taxibeat are available to offer you a new way to move around the city: Choose your driver, watch them on  the map while they approach the pick up point, get notified when they are at your door. You have everything on your hand at a tap of a button, without having extra costs other than the cost of your ride.


If you are a Windows Phone user, we hope you will use the app and give us feedback. If you’re not, share the news with your Windows Phone friends and let them know how useful the Taxibeat app is. We will appreciate it a lot 🙂


How Taxibeat works 

  • Download the app for free and subscribe.
  • Let the app locate you, move slightly the map or press the search button to enter your exact pick up point.
  • That’s it. Press the button and check the available drivers.
  • Choose your driver and watch the car approach the pick up point on the map.
  • When the cab arrives, get on board.
  • Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to rate your driver!

Note that the first version of the Windows Phone app has some differencies from the existing iOS and Android apps, at this moment.  The main ones are: The payments through PayPal are not enabled yet. You can pay for your rides with cash or your debit/credit card. Also, it’s not opperative yet the Voucher feature which is essential for hailing Taxibeat from the airport / the port/ the KTEL station. In that case, we recommend you to fill in the field “Note to driver”  your phone number so he will be able to call  or you can call him and give him all the needed info (name, flight number, gate etc) to pick you up.

The Boxi service is not available yet at the Windows Phones app. But you can still use the Boxi service through the web to move anything  you want, anywhere in the city, instantly!

Spread the news, try Taxibeat and we are looking forward to your comments!